From consultation to prescription, we're proud to offer our patients some of the best value holistic healthcare in Australia.

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Only pay when eligible

Our guarantee: With Alternaleaf, you only pay if you're eligible for alternative medicine. If our nurse finds alternative medicine unsuitable for you during your initial consultation, you won't be charged.

Initial nurse consultation
20 minute online appointment
No referral required
Condition & medical history assessment
TGA eligibility qualification
Opportunity to ask any relevant questions
Further 10% off for concession
Provide your concession card details during your consultation
Doctor consultation
No extra cost
10 minute online appointment
No referral required
Personalised treatment plan
Medicine explanation and guidance
Alternaleaf patient card
Patient care team access
Phone and email support
Answer questions about your treatment
Highly trained clinical staff

Ready to get started? Complete our complimentary pre-screening questionnaire to see if you might be suitable.

Existing patient follow-up consultations
Online appointment with your Alternaleaf doctor
Answer questions about your treatment
Change prescription or issue repeats
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Frequently asked questions

How much will my alternative medicine treatment plan cost?
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Follow-up consultations cost $59, the same as your initial consult. These online appointments with your Alternaleaf doctor allow you to ask questions, change prescriptions, and issue repeat scripts. We recommend booking follow-up consultations every six months to renew your prescription and review your treatment plan.

The average monthly cost of alternative medicine varies depending on the prescribed form and dosage. It will also differ based on your specific treatment needs and consumption patterns.

Your treatment plan includes free access to our patient care team for phone and email support, ensuring you have answers to any questions and assistance from our highly trained clinical staff.

Does Alternaleaf offer concession pricing?
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Yes, Alternaleaf offers a Concession Program for holders of a Commonwealth-issued Health Card, Veterans Card, or Seniors Health & Pensioner Concession Card.

As a member, you'll receive:

10% off all consultation costs and prescribed medicines.

Access to a concession product range that costs 44% less than comparable plant medicine products (as of June 2023).

How long does my prescription last?
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Prescriptions typically last for 6 months and come with a certain number of repeats. If your prescription expires before you use all the repeats, you won't be able to use them.

How do I get a repeat prescription?
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If you have used up all the repeats on a prescription and need it to be re-issued, book a follow-up appointment with your doctor using your Alternaleaf Portal.

When and how do I order refill medication?
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If your doctor prescribes alternative medicine, the prescription will come with a specific number of "repeats". Repeats refer to the number of times you can order your medication. You can reorder or refill your medication by logging into your Alternaleaf Patient Portal.

Can I make changes to my prescription?
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As with all prescribed medication, the only way to make changes to a prescription is by talking to your doctor. You can book a follow-up appointment to discuss your prescription using your Alternaleaf Portal.

Why do I need a follow-up consult?
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Follow-up consults let your doctor check in on your progress and make sure that your treatment plan is having the desired effect. You'll be able to ask any questions you may have and can discuss changes you might want to make to your prescription, as well as request reissues.

What is a patient card and how do I get one?
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Your Alternaleaf personalised patient card is proof of your status as an alternative medicine patient. It will be sent to your home address after your doctor issues your prescription. You will receive the card within 3 to 6 weeks after your first prescription approval.

Concession Program

Alternaleaf offers concession patients 10% off all consultations and medicine costs – as well as access to an exclusive concession range that costs 44% less than comparable products.

Commonwealth Health Care Cards

Veterans Card (DVA)

Seniors Health & Pensioners Concession Cards

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