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"Alternaleaf has been sending me a stream of patients ever since I joined the platform."



"Very intuitive interface. All the information I need is summarised on one screen."


"Thanks to Alternaleaf the application process for my patients is now fast and easy."


Only 5% of Australian doctors are prescribing.

We’re here to bridge this gap and provide clear information and support to help you serve the patients that can benefit from cannabis treatment.

An end-to-end solution for prescribers

alternaleaf makes it easier for you to better serve new patients

We take care of patient acquisition

Share your availability with us, and we take care of the rest: patient screening, appointment scheduling, pre-consultation, and much more, all while ensuring that patients are engaged and prepared for their telehealth appointment with you.

Minimise your admin

The alternaleaf platform provides a secure plug-and-play solution, enabling prescribers to manage the patient relationship, without having to pre-install software, or create new workflows.

Receive full transparency, with an overview of all of your patients and their medication in a single dashboard, supported by a seamless user interface, automated emails, and an integrated invoicing and payment solution.

Remote, flexible work anytime, anywhere

alternaleaf matches you with eligible patients regardless of your location in Australia.

No need to commit to a fixed schedule: alternaleaf integrates best-in-class video conferencing, eScript functionality, and digital patient files, made available to you around the clock.

Supported by a dedicated clinical and and technical team

Receive access to our clinical team of registered nurses, who facilitate patient consultations, support with SAS/AP applications and provide ongoing treatment monitoring for your patients.

To maintain our high standards of care, the alternaleaf platform receives regular over-the-air feature and performance upgrades.

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Medical cannabis explained

Medical cannabis is fast-growing in adoption and application in Australia. Learn more about the body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

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