Alternaleaf connects patients with cannabis specialists

Alternaleaf is empowering thousands of Australians to speak with the right specialists, and get the treatment they need.

Refer your patient to Australia's leading medical cannabis doctors

Alternaleaf's specialists provide the highest level of care for your patient and ensure you receive regular progress reports.

We work with leading specialists

Our specialist Authorised Prescribers and Registered Nurses work together to determine the best treatment plan for your patient

We offer the highest levels in patient care

Alternaleaf enables patients to experience a frictionless end-to-end process, from screening, to consultation, to treatment planning, and receiving their medication - without having to leave their home.

We use technology for optimal patient outcomes

The Alternaleaf platform matches your patient with the right specialist, and provides doctors the tools, systems, and support they need to achieve the best patient outcomes

Trusted by thousands of patients across Australia

Alternaleaf offers the highest levels in patient care

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Not ready to prescribe cannabis? Refer to one of our specialists

If you have a relevant patient, that could benefit from medical cannabis, complete our referral form and we will match them with a suitable specialist.

Fully transparent referral process

Understand what happens once you submit your referral



An Alternaleaf nurse will contact your patient within 24 hours. Your patient will be screened for contraindications and potential drug interactions. This is where your patient's relationship with Alternaleaf begins - their assigned nurse seeks to alleviate concerns and anxieties and begins a safe, efficient, and confidential process.



After the initial consultation, your patient will consult with an Alternaleaf doctor via Telehealth. Our doctors are independent, and will prescribe the medication that is best matched to your patient's needs. Titration is based around safe and controlled administration.



Your patient's doctor and nurse will schedule the first follow-up consult, and provide continuing care, including dosing and titration support and adverse event monitoring. Your patient's assigned nurse will provide you with progress reports throughout the treatment and monitoring process.