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We put the control back in your hands

Our online portal lets you manage your plant medicine prescriptions and consultations, all in one place. Managing your medication just got more personalised, streamlined and simple.

Accessing medical cannabis in Australia 

In Australia, over 1,500 health practitioners are now prescribing medical cannabis to over 50,000 Australian who are using it to treat chronic conditions such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, neuropathic pain, cancer, epilepsy and many other prevalent illnesses. With research and clinical evidence growing annually and doctors prescribing the medicine for over 30 different ailments, medical cannabis could be a treatment alternative for patients where conventional medications failed. While the market is rapidly growing, many doctors are unfamiliar or misinformed about the processes to access medical cannabis. We can support your doctor and provide practical guidance on the access pathway.

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With our online portal, we put the control back in your hands:



Order and refill medication



Book follow-up consultations 


Browse product offering 

The online portal is exclusively for Alternaleaf patients. Each patient receives an account activation email with instructions on how to set up their account. 

Alternaleaf patients can access the online portal platform by clicking the button below.


We're here for you

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