We're Alternaleaf

We empower you to evaluate treatment alternatives

No one should have to suffer, when there is a possibility that an alternative treatment might relieve their symptoms.

We understand that suffering from chronic illness is upsetting both for you and your loved ones, especially when your current treatment plan is not working or comes with significant side-effects. Many patients have to live with chronic conditions for years, without proper symptom control.


We have seen that medical cannabis could be a better alternative in these situations. However, while regulation and awareness around medical cannabis has made significant progress over the last years, many doctors are still uncomfortable or lack the knowledge to prescribe.

Only 5% of Australian doctors are currently prescribing cannabis

We’re here to bridge this gap and match patients with the right specialists for a consultation to determine whether medicinal cannabis alone or in conjunction with other therapies is a clinically appropriate option.

We help you by providing the easiest process: we help to evaluate your suitability, enable you to book a consultation within minutes, and be matched with a specialist who will tailor your treatment plan - whether in person, or from the comfort of your home. Some patients prefer for us to call their existing GPs - we are empowering patients to make their own educated decision by helping them facilitate the conversation with their doctors.

We help doctors by providing clear information and support to find out whether medical cannabis can help in your specific situation. We help doctors and pharmacies manage their paperwork and processes, and have built a nationwide network of partner specialists and clinics. When you use Alternaleaf, we match you with the best-qualified practitioner for you.

We instill confidence in doctors

Our clinically trained team provides doctors with the facts, research and practical guidance to feel comfortable to consider medical cannabis for your situation.

We empower you to have the conversation

Alternaleaf enables you to evaluate your suitability, book a consultation, receive a treatment plan, and your medication - without having to leave your home.

We match you with the right doctor

We use technology to help you and your doctor be matched and scheduled for a consultation as efficiently as possible.

Help me to talk to a doctor

Answer a few qualifying questions for us to match you with a specialist.