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Should I use CBD oil or hemp oil?

Should I use CBD oil or hemp oil?

CBD oil

Hemp oil: Hemp is very fibrous and has limited to no therapeutic properties. It is made from seeds of the cannabis plant and contains very little of the active components that medical cannabis is known for.


CBD oil: This is another term you will often find and it stands for cannabis-derived products. It's vague and it could mean a lot of different things. 

Cannabis products such as hemp oil and CBD oil are widely distributed and they can cause confusion. Nobody can claim that this is a new way to treat symptoms or health problems; for thousands of years, we humans have used cannabis. Plants were grown, harvested and converted into products, including clothes, nutrition and medicine. So multiple strains of cannabis plants have been developed and that is why you will find so many cannabis or hemp products.

Our mission at Alternaleaf is to help you understand the difference between various cannabis-derived products. You can ask our qualified and experienced GPs and nurses if you are in doubt, and get an official prescription for approved medication that only uses medical cannabis. 

To find out if medical cannabis is a suitable treatment avenue for you, book your consultation today!

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