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Alternaleaf is empowering patients to evaluate treatment alternatives

Mediating between you and your doctor

Speaking with your doctor about alternative treatment options can be difficult. While regulation and awareness around medical cannabis has made significant progress over the last years, many doctors are still uncomfortable or lack the knowledge to prescribe. This can lead to restrictions for patients, where medical cannabis might be a valid alternative. We are empowering patients to make their own educated decision by helping them facilitate the conversation with their doctors. Our clinically trained team provides your doctor with the facts, research and practical guidance to feel comfortable to consider medical cannabis for your situation.

We empower patients to seek the conversation

We understand that suffering from chronic illness is upsetting both for you and your loved ones. Especially when your current treatment plan is not working or comes with significant side-effects. Many patients have to live with chronic conditions for years, without proper symptom control. We have seen that medical cannabis could be a better alternative in these situations. However, as with any new medications, doctors tend to be cautious and might not have comprehensive information readily available to them. We’re here to bridge this gap and provide clear information and support to doctors to find out whether medical cannabis can help in your specific situation. We will evaluate your suitability and support you in navigating the conversation with your doctor. Our mission is to empower you to make an informed decision while maintaining the relationship with your doctor, which ultimately gives you quality and consistency of care, cost-effectively.

We instill confidence in doctors

The medical cannabis market has made significant progress over the last years resulting in a steady growth in patient and prescriber numbers in Australia. The growing body of evidence suggests that medical cannabis could help with a wide variety of chronic conditions, however for many doctors medical cannabis is still a very new topic and they would likely take a longer time and wait for more research and clinical studies to feel comfortable prescribing. Additionally, the concept of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that medical cannabis interacts with, was not taught in medical school and as such is unfamiliar to many doctors. Having said that, we believe that your GP will have the most accurate understanding of your general health and medical history, and will be the best person to discuss alternative treatments with. We are therefore helping to mediate the conversation with your doctor and provide the information, research and facts required to enable an educated decision for your individual situation. We believe no one should have to suffer, when there is a possibility that an alternative treatment might relief their symptoms. 

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